Yurburg G1

Row 1, Column 1

Cirilic at top of Matzevah (headstone)


For my dear delightful husband
          Dov Ber
     The son of Aharon, z”l
That his memory will never fade
A remembrance to me all the days of my youth
A symbol of innocent love.

Yurburg G2

Row 1, Column 2

A marker for a dear soul
We, the sons of our father, the
       one brought to his eternal rest
       With bitterness we cry out
And the Community of Yurburg gives it voice




Our teacher the R Yehudah the son of Josef

(*1) There are seven lines of Hebrew.  Many of the letters are visible, but
because of the blurred images, it remains somewhat unreable. It is hoped
that this stone could be clean and then reimaged.  As indicated, the first
tthree lines appear significant, for it is not only the sons who are in mourning
but it appears to be the entire Yurburg Community.

Yurburg G3

Row 1, Column 3


The life of our mother Sarah[nikpidu - meaning unclear] died suddenly
In our house, there is mourning when she had come [understood to
          mean - gone to her final resting resting place]
May she be glorified.  He took from our [           ], My horn [          ]
A prophet was the way of house in righteousness and Kasher
[Her conduct] was the way of modest women in both those things         
          revealed and those that are hidden
Her countenace was honorable each day
                  joy unto me,  the [earth’s season]


Thelife of Sarah the daughter of R Zadok
           the wife of R Judah

Yurburg G10

Row 1, Column 10

In the year 5673
May this person’s soul be bound in the bonds of life

Yurburg G11

Row 1, Column 11

The Doctor Yitzchak the son of Judah
He served for 26 years
           as physician for healing [                 ] he acted
and did for the good of those who among those afflicted
          with illness and engaged
in the needs of the community.  He was plucked away
          in the course of his at the age of 52 years. 

May his soul be bound in the bonds of life.

Yurburg G14

Row 1, Column 14

An upright man the son of a [scholar]
And the son of [their father - meaning unclear]
Shomrei Tuvyah
the son of Zalkin Zev
He departed with a good name on the 19th
of the month of Tevet in the year 5685 (1925)
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life

Yurburg G15

Row 1, Column 15

Here lies buried

Our dear mother a woman
of modesty, a good heart
She participated in the troubles of
          of every person and her hand
Were stretched for to all [              ]
Yenteh Kreinah
of the familyGitelman
She departed with a good name on the 2nd day
of the month of Menachem Av in the year 5689 (1929)

May her soul be bound in the bonds of life.