Yurburg B94

Row 7, Column 1

Here lies buried
Jacob David
the son of R. Zadoknah

whose life was praiseworthy to everyone
 [      ]   year [                     ]

[unknown acronym]

Yurburg B95

Row 7, Column 2

May he rest in peace here
          [In the city of?]
And our father, endearing and upright, our rabbi R.
Shlomo the son of Zvi
He left this world at the age of 51
On the 29th of Mar Cheshvan 5671
That may his soil lie in grace (?)

No inscription of "May his soul be bound in the bonds of life." 

Yurburg B102

Row 7, Column 9

Here lies buried
A very old man (alternative trans. “rejoice”)
Pious, a wonder in Torah
And one who feared heaven
A principled and [ ] man
Our teacher our Rabbi, R. Shalom, the son of R
Israel the Cohen
He was called by the mouth of everyone
R. Shalom Wilnar (alternative Wolnar)
He departed with a good man, elderly,
(His) days fully sated, on the 13th day of the Month
of Adar 1 5648 (1898)
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life

This stone is beautifully restored.  It is possible that in the course of restoration that certain letters have other possibilities.  However, as can be seen with the stones immediately preceding, without this work, it would not have been readable at all.  Another example of the magnificence of Rita’s beautiful work.

Yurburg B107

Row 7, Column 14

Magen David
Here lies buried
The young man our teacher our Rav
the son of R. Shemayhu
Who departed [value] in the year 5658 (1898)
During the month of Av
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life