Yurburg Adjacent 6

A wondrous, great, and knowledgeable in his Torah and his awe (of God), he did not stophis mouth from the interpretation (of texts) 
(so as to) study and to teach other, and to turn the community from sin
R. Yitzchak the son of Aaron Shavnovitz
He served in the officership of(Shin - Shin-Bet)
and was the Mohel in our city for more than forty years. He departed
With a good name in the year in the 73rd year of his life on the 11th of Adar
          5673 (1913)
May his soul be bound up in the bonds of life

Does this man dwell in the cemetery
No: The corpse descends in the ground,
But the soul ascends there into the upper-firmament
          in unity