Ioannina Quadrant A 378

Row D, Column 10


פה נטמנה העלמה

ואשר נקפטה    ב

על ימיה  נץ  שנה  [קמ   ]

 ה  [הנעדה] מ רבקה בר

     [  ]   הנב"  אהרן  [יסולה] איש

עק לבע ביום  ה אדר  ש

התר[נז]     ו[יצנבבה א


Here lies the one who has ascended

And who was taken [before her days were filled][1]

 [         ]  Mrs Rivkah[      ] the daughter of

[      ]  the one who departed(the wife of)  Aharon (Yesulah)

[     ]  She departed on the 5th day of Adar in the year

5657   (1897).   May it be Your Will, O God,  that the her soul be

Bound in the bonds of life, Amen


[1] The word נקטפה usually indicates one who died at an early age